Download & Install Instructions


Instructions for downloading the newest version of SolidWorks will be e-mailed after DROP/ADD concludes. Note the SW software is ONLY for students currently enrolled in EML2322L.  It is a violation of the University of Florida's software policy for any other students to use this software and license server (this is a serious offense).


Part Drawing Template Instructions


Saving SolidWorks Templates to Custom Locations Once you download the SW part drawing templates for EML2322L, you need to place it in the proper folder with the other default templates or tell SW the location of the new template's folder location.  Here's how ...



Video Tutorials


The following tutorials should prove very helpful for the project you're working on for this course.


SolidWorks Sheetmetal Tutorial #1 general Sheetmetal Tool tutorial (~6 min)

SolidWorks Sheetmetal Tutorial #2 using Convert to convert a solid body  to sheetmetal (~5 min)
SolidWorks Sheetmetal Tutorial #3
general Sheetmetal tutorial; nice overview (~8 min)

SolidWorks Bill of Materials Tutorial creating a bill of materials (and custom templates) (~2.5 min)


SolidWorks Configurations Tutorial (1 of 3) using configurations to display variations of your models (~4 min)

SolidWorks Configurations Tutorial (2 of 3) using configurations to display variations of your models (~4 min)

SolidWorks Configurations Tutorial (3 of 3) using configurations to display variations of your models (~4 min)

Remember that SW has excellent tutorials that come pre-packaged with it, so you can refer back to those as well if you haven't used SW in a while.



Useful / Common Tips  (SolidWorks Web Help is Available here)


Black Versus Gray Dimension Lines how to change gray dimension lines so they match the black dimension lines

Black Drawing Borders how to change gray drawing borders to black

Move SW Watermark into the Drawing Page Border how to move the large obstructive watermark off the SW drawing and into the page border
Hide or Show Edges in SW Part Drawings how to hide or show edges in drawing views
Relabeling BOM Part Names how to change the name of the part that appears in the BOM

EML2322L OTS BOM BOM for all OTS parts in lab (Excel format)

How to Update BOM through CAD Model update description and part number sections of BOM



Part Libraries


Drawing the parts for this project is an excellent way to improve your CAD skills, which are important for any mechanical designer.  However, part libraries often exist for common components, which can save you time and allow you to focus more time on the design portion of the project...  Here are a few SolidWorks part libraries:


3D Content Central the best free SW parts library on the 'net

Trace Parts Online another free SW part library



Advanced Tips & Tricks (Not Necessary for EML2322L)


Power user tips and tricks for boosting your SW productivity:


Automatically Fill in Your Title Block learn how to automatically fill in the drawn by, date created and other information...

Automatically Fill in Your Title Block another tutorial explaining how to link the title block to the part or assembly properties...

SolidWorks KeyPad Macros how to program keypad macros for improved productivity


SolidWorks Tips and Tricks SW blog time-saving tips

CAD Digest

TriAxial Design

SolidWorks Tips & Tutorials

Scott J. Baugh Tips & Tricks

CAP INC. Tech Tips

Mike J. Wilson Modeling Techniques

Matthew Lorono's SW Resources


Development Tools & VB Code Examples


SW User Forum



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